American Wigeon at Thomas Point

It’s been a while since my last post. Between a nasty cold and lousy weather, I haven’t gotten out much at all.  I managed a trip to Possum Point and Thomas Point this morning, but conditions weren’t ideal.

Possum Point is still fairly dead, with only a few cormorants. Thomas Point wasn’t much better, with a few flyby birds but none feeding near the point. I did find a few birds at a friend’s house on Thomas Point Road.

Possum Point 116

Sunrise at Possum Point.

Tundra Swan 116

Tundra Swan 117

Tundra Swans often flock along Thomas Point Road to be fed by the residents.

Common Goldeneye 155

A flock of Common Goldeneyes with a couple of Canvasbacks mixed in.

American Wigeon 18

This American Wigeon was hanging out with the swans.

Dinosaur 1

This Dinosaur statue is in Thomas Point Park.

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