Red Shouldered Hawk at Truxtun Park

Another typical Summer day. a litttle cooler after a short rainfall last night.
I got to Truxtun Park early, and got a few decent shots.

Red Winged Blackbird

Red Winged Blackbirds are fairly common around marshes at this time of year, but they are still very handsome, and willing subjects for the photographer.

Many birds, like this Bank Swallow, perch on this cable that crosses the creek.


This Cardinal is contemplating the day’s activities.


Cardinals are as likely to perch on the cable as any other small bird.


This Osprey has made her nest on top of the ball field lights, and doesn’t appear to be disturbed even when they are turned on for night games.

Acadian Flycatcher Nest

When I arrived to check on the nesting Acadian Flycatcher, the nest was empty.

Red Shouldered Hawk

I saw this Red Shouldered Hawk fly from his perch when I entered the woods, so I was pleasantly surprised to see he didn’t fly far. This seems to be a favored area, as I’ve seen him here several times before.

Red Shouldered Hawk

This close up lets you see the red shoulder patch and the excellence of nature’s camouflage.

Red Shouldered Hawk

I’m including this image because I really like these birds.

Chipping Sparrow I had to leave Truxtun Park for a computer repair, and it was convenient to stop by Hillsmere Elementary afterwards, where I captured this Chipping Sparrow feeding on grass seeds.


I’ve seen this female Bluebird on almost every visit to Hillsmere Elementary.


There are many Crows overlooking the playing fields.

Acadian Flycatcher Chick

After returning home and running some errands and taking a nap, I returned to Truxtun Park to check up on the Acadian Flycatcher nest, and at least one of the eggs has hatched.

Acadian Flycatcher

Mama soon appeared, carrying what appears to be a moth to feed the chick.

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