American Crow at Quiet Waters Park

It was raining when I awoke, so I didn’t get out until 10:00, for a very brief trip.
The crew at Quiet Waters had defoliated my favorite bug spot, so I didn’t find very much at all. A passing crow posed briefly.

Black Billed Cuckoo

I took this lat Fall at Governor Bridge and recently had occasion to look at it again. The tail and breast are wrong for a Yellow Billed Cuckoo, which I didn’t notice in my haste. It’s a Black Billed Cuckoo, and a life bird for me.

American Crow

I usually pass up crows, but this one was close, in good light.

Beetle 88

Common Buckeye 3

Insect 564

Insect 565

Caterpillar 117

Bee 48

Today's bugs.

Today’s bugs.

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