Wood Ducks Everywhere!

Well, not quite, but I am seeing more Wood Ducks than usual. I used to get them at Artemesia, but it was getting quite crowded during the pandemic, so I haven’t been there in a while. Jonas Green has been a good new source. I’m seeing Gadwalls and Trumpeter Swans there as well.

Greenbury and Possum Points have been very slow except for Ospreys. A couple of trips to Truxtun Park have been a waste. Warblers soon come.

South River 29

South River from Quiet Waters.

Possum Point 222

Dawn at Possum Point.

Great Blue Heron 2021-32

Look closely to see the Heron in her nest.

Great Blue Heron 2021-30

This Great Blue Heron is nesting about 50 feet off the ground near the pond.

Great Blue Heron 2021-40 Great Blue Heron 2021-29 Great Blue Heron 2021-28

Great Blue Heron 2021-31

Osprey 2021-16

This Osprey nest at Truxtun Park has been occupied for many years.

Gadwall 2021-21

I’m not sure how many Gadwalls are in the pond. They tend to be quiet.

Gadwall 2021-18

I’m not sure how many Gadwalls are in the pond. They tend to be quiet.


Canada Goose 2021-60

Several Canada Geese are nesting in the pond.

Gadwall 2021-20


Canada Goose 2021-54Trumpeter Swan 2021-27Trumpeter Swan 2021-30Trumpeter Swan 2021-17Trumpeter Swan 2021-26

Trumpeter Swan 2021-38

Two Trumpeter Swans have been hanging out for two weeks. Will they make a nest?

Trumpeter Swan 2021-37

Trumpeter Swans seem to be nearly indifferent to human presence.

Trumpeter Swan 2021-35Trumpeter Swan 2021-36 Trumpeter Swan 2021-34

Canada Goose 2021-61

4 or more pairs of Geese are nesting at Jonas Green.

Trumpeter Swan 2021-23 Trumpeter Swan 2021-22 Trumpeter Swan 2021-21 Trumpeter Swan 2021-20

Trumpeter Swan 2021-24

The Trumpeter Swans came too close to the Canada Goose’s nest, the Goose attacked, the Swan counter-attacked. Lots of splashing, no damage.

White Throated Sparrow 2021-28

White Throated Sparrows are always among the last to migrate.

Red Tailed Hawk 2021-8

I heard some nearby Crows mobbing something, and looked up to see this Red Tailed Hawk, who soon fled.

Black Vulture 2021-1

Every Green dumpster seems to have a flock of Black Vultures.

Eastern Bluebird 2020-31

Eastern Bluebird 2020-30

I was hoping this Bluebird would land in a colorful tree, and I got my wish.

Wood Duck 2021-84jpg Wood Duck 2021-83jpg Wood Duck 2021-82jpg Wood Duck 2021-81jpg

Wood Duck 2021-780jpg

I’m seeing more Wood Ducks than usual.


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