Indigo Bunting at Greenbury Point

We had a good rainstorm last night, and it looked like rain this morning, so I just spent a couple of hours at the Nature Center before setting out to do some much neglected chores.

Cowbird (Juvenile)

This appears to be a juvenile Cowbird. He was a good subject, and may not have seen a human before.


A Catbird has taken up residence in a bush right in front of my house, and has confused me a couple of times. This bird was silent, however.

Blue Grosbeak

This is the first time I’ve seen a male and female Blue Grosbeak together.

Red Winged Blackbird

This female Red Winged Blackbird struck a classic pose.

Orchard Oriole

I was surprised to see three Orchard Oriole hanging out together. Perhaps they’re a family.

Blue Grosbeak and Cardinal

Blue Grosbeak and Orchard Oriole

I didn’t get a perfect shot, but at one point there were 4 different species in this bush:The Blue Grosbeak and Orchard Oriole above, a House Finch a Goldfinch and a female Blue Grosbeak.


This Cardinal may be a Rod Stewart fan.

Blue Grosbeak  and Cardinal

It was an unusual day for getting multiple species in the same shot.

Blue Grosbeak

When I started photographing birds I was mostly interested in getting clear shots that showed enough field marks to ID the bird. Now, I find the occasional shot that demands artistry in composition, and that’s a real challenge for me.

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