Grackle with Peanut

Another yucky, uninspiring day. It was warm early, even after last night’s welcome rain, an the firing range at USNA was open again, limiting the available birding space. I left soon after I arrived, as not much was happenng, and went to a friend’s house, which looks promising for the future.


This Goldfinch was one of the few visible birds.

Red Bellied Woodpecker

This juvenile Red Bellied Woodpecker searched this tree thoroughly for a meal.


There are so many Ospreys at Possum Point that I sometimes ignore them, but I’ll miss them when they migrate.

Red Tailed Hawk

I saw this Red Tailed Hawk land in a large tree, but I couldn’t locate him until two Crows chased him from his perch into the open .


This handsome Grackle was proud of his peanut.

C at

My friend Shannon rescued this handsome cat several years ago.

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