Forty Years ago at Thomas Point

Well, I couldn’t ask for better weather, but you have to wonder about sunny and 60 degrees at the end of January.
I started the day at Jonas Green Park, which was sparsely populated, then headed to Greenbury Point, where I found a few ducks and a distant Bald Eagle. On the way home, I stopped in to see Theresa Dearborn, on Thomas Point Road, who had showed me some old photos of ducks gathered around Thomas Point 40 years ago (Approx.), and she graciously allowed me to scan them and post them here.

Theresa 1

Thomas Point

Mrs. Dearborn took these images about 40 years ago, when the gathering of waterfowl was much greater than it is today.

Lesser  Scaup

Lesser  Scaup

This is a Lesser Scaup, and I confess the lighting intrigued me more than the bird.


This mixed group of Scaup and Buffleheads seemed to be enjoying the weather.


Follow the leader?

Long Tailed Duck

My books suggest that Long Tailed Ducks seldom mix with other birds.




A lot of Bluebirds were around, in small flocks.

Black Duck

The Black Duck is about as plain as a duck can get.

Ruddy Duck

I often find Ruddy Ducks at the Possum Point marina.

Canada Goose

It’s not hard to find a Canada Goose at this time of year.

Bald Eagle 73

Bald Eagle

I’ve often seen Osprey perched in these tall towers, but this Bald Eagle is a first.

Downy Woodpecker

This Downy Woodpecker flew into the scene when I was looking at the Bluebirds.

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