Birding Greenbury/Possum Points

Greenbury Point

A favorite local spot.
Take rte 648 n after crossing the USNA bridge, keep right at the intersection with Greenbury Point road and 648 N. Go past the golf course and the brigade sports complex and you’ll see the Nature Center on the right. Park there, or take the 45 degree left to get to Possum Point.
Access seems to be unrestricted except for fishing, and licenses are occasionally checked. You may run into a USNA security officer, and they are usually quite polite.
I usually start at Possum Point, where ospreys, cormorants and gulls are abundant in the Spring and Summer. Since this was written Possum Point has been closed, and I don’t know why. Edit: It’s now open again. 11/15/17.  You can still access the boat ramp area.There are several Osprey nesting platforms close to shore. Warblers, orioles, waxwings, hawks can be found as well. Check the boat ramp area for herons, kingfishers and ducks.
There is a tree farm at the beginning of the right hand (East) path that is very productive of passerines, especially bluebirds, warblers, kinglets and vireos in season. Tower cable road and Helix road are productive as well.
There are two paths behind the Nature Center as well, and they are worth exploring.
Look for deer and foxes any place you go. Summer months call for insect repellent.

Possum Point

Looking North from Possum Point.


Sunrise at Possum Point.

Possum Point

Bay Bridge viewed from Possum Point.


This nest is at Possum Point.


When you see the staked trees, you know you’re in the tree farm. Deer often graze here, especially in the morning.

Nature Center Sign

You’ll find several similar signs posted near the trails.

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