Redhead at Thomas Point.

Tundra Swan 2021-9

This lucky shot turned out well.

It wasn’t really at Thomas Point, it was ay my friend’s  house just a wee bit up the road. This Ebird checklist will show what else was about.

The weather has been quite good for a week, and I’ve been getting out most days. I finally tried going over the bridge to CBEC, and it was a total bust.  My best guess is that the warm weather is keeping the ducks up North.

This is most noticeable at Thomas Point, when the usual hundreds of ducks is down to dozens. This is not the first time weather has affected the winter bird population.

SO, Quiet Waters and Thomas Point are sustaining me at the moment and that suits me.  There’s still plenty of virus around and I’d like to avoid it.


White Throated Sparrow 2021-1` Downy Woodpecker 2021-1 Downy Woodpecker 2021-2

Chippimg Sparrow 2021-1

I’ve been seeing a few Chipping Sparrows.

Tufted Titmouse 2021-3

Tufted Titmice are always active.

Cowbird 2021-1

Many Cowbirds have started showing up at Quiet Waters.

Cowbird 2021-2 Great Blue Heron 2021-3

Great Blue Heron 2021-1

Great Blue Herons seem to be around all Winter.

Great Blue Heron 2021-4 Mallard 2021-7Mallard 2021-12

Mallard 2021-9

There is a large Mallard Population.

Mallard 2021-5 Canvasback 2021-6 Tundra Swan 2021-8

Red Breasted Nuthatch 2021-1

Red Breasted Nuthatches are still in the area.

Lesser Scaup 2021-6

Lesser Scaup aren’t as numerous as in previous years.

Lesser Scaup 2021-5

Dark Eyed Junco 2020-2

I saw a flock of 60 Dark Eyed Juncos.

Cardinal 2021-1 Long Tailed Duck 2021-11

Song Sparrow 2021-4

Song Sparrows can be quite pretty.

Bufflehead 2021-12

Buffleheads seem to be very common right now.

Canada Goose 2021-3

Canada Geese can be quite boisterous.

Tundra Swan 2021-13

Surf Scoter 2021-4

I’ve seen only a few Surf Scoters.

Tundra Swan 2021-12

Tundra Swans will occasionally stretch their wings.

Mallard 2021-11

This is a Mallard/Black Duck hybrid.

Cardinal 2021-3

This Cardinal seems to peck at every mirror in the parking lot.

Redhead 2021-2

Redhead 2021-1

I’ve seen only a few Redheads this season.

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