Sparrows at Quiet Waters Park.

Where are the ducks? So far I’ve seen two Ruddys, one Long Tailed, a handful of Scaup,  and no Goldeneyes. This seems later than usual.

I’m still hanging out at Quiet Waters to avoid the crowds, but I may get over to the Eastern Shore in a day or two. I tried Truxtun Park a couple of days ago, with no luck.

I’ve been wandering around the park a bit, and it’s paying off in Sparrows and Siskins. It seems as though there’s a large group of small birds that wander the park in search of food, and there may be some cool birds among them. So far I’ve found Siskins, Chipping Sparrows and Savannah Sparrows. The light has been a sucky, cloudy gray, so far, but better weather is coming. Are there Crossbills, Redpolls  and Grosbeaks to be found?


Chipping Sparrow 2020-25

Chipping Sparrows seem to be year round residents.

Savannah Sparrow 2020-1

Savannah Sparrwo 2020-4

This is the first Savannah Sparrow I’ve seen at the park. I initially thought it was a Song Sparrow.

White Throated Sparrow 2020-41

White Throated Sparrow 2020-41

White Throated Sparrows are abundant.

Pine Siskin 2020-25

This Pine Siskin seemed to be scratching in the gravel, seeking rocks for its gizzard, perhaps? I’ve seen this often in small birds,

Pine Siskin 2020-26

Pine Siskin 2020-27

When I found this Pine Siskin in the gray, cloudy morning light I thought it was a House Finch. I haven’t seen Siskins in a month, so it was a surprise. This flock may have been quite large.

Chickadee 2020-19

Listen, and You’ll hear Carolina Chickadees

White Breasted Nuthatch 2020-44

White Breasted Nuthatches are handsome and fun to watch.

Goldfinch 2020-21

Goldfinch 2020-22

Goldfinch 2020-23

Goldfinches seem to be doing well.

Ruddy Duck 2020-32

I found this single Ruddy Duck at Thomas Point. Some years there are hundreds at Quiet Waters.

Downy Woodpecker 2020-35 Mourning Dove 2020-102 Song Sparrow 2050-14

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