Redhead at Thomas Point.

It’s been a very sparse December so far. I’m staying in the immediate area to avoid crowds, which includes some decent birding spots, but the unusually warm weather is slowing the influx of Winter birds (I think). It’s been very cold years that have brought the best birds.

Sandy Point has been quite barren so far, and Thomas Point hasn’t been much better,  Greenbury Point, Possum Point and Jonas Green Park have yet to yield anything interesting, but that may change soon. I did find some distant Scoters and a Loon, but too far out for pics. I’m not crossing the bridge much yet.

This Mallard hen is stretching’s her wings.

An unusual shot, with the Bufflehead’s head under water.

Canvasbacks are just arriving in numbers.

Redheads are very striking.

There seems to be more Buffleheads than usual this year,

A few Lesser Scaup have arrived.

Black Ducks are not numerous, but there’s always a few.

It’s been a good year for Tundra Swans so far.



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