America Redstart at Greenbury Point.

It was unusually busy at Greenbury /Possum Points this morning. More people than I’ve seen in 7-8 years.  A pandemic/holiday effect, I suppose. Not exactly a huge crowd, but it was noticeable.

I’ve been sticking with Possum and Greenbury Points for a while now. It’s really just like anywhere else-some days are better than others.  With migration really at a high point, I’ve got good chances for another few weeks.

Today’s Redstart was a treat (I confess to preferring the males) and there was enough activity to keep me interested for a while. That’s been the pattern several times. Yesterday a flock of migrants included Orchard Orioles and Red Eyed Vireos.

I did OK today. Other birders saw more species than I did, so it’s looking promising.

Bay Bridge 27 Bay Bridge 29 Possum Point 203 Bay Bridge 26 Possum Point 201

Bay Bridge 28

Sunrise at Possum Point.

Goldfinch 2020-8

Many American Goldfinches live at Greenbury Point.

Goldfinch 2020-9 Blue Gray Gnatcatcher 2020-3Blue Gray Gnatcatcher 2020-2Blue Gray Gnatcatcher 2020-1Common Yellowthroat 2020-3Common Yellowthroat 2020-2Common Yellowthroat 2020-1Flycatcher 2020-3

Garden Spider 4

This Garden Spider was hanging out at the Garden Center.


American Redstart 2020-1

Female or juvenile American Redstart.

Snowy Egret 2020-196

Snowy Egret on the rocks at Possum Point.

Flycatcher 2020-2Flycatcher 2020-1Cardinal 2020-6Orchard Oriole 2020-2Prairie Warbler 2020-5House Finch 2020-2Prairie Warbler 2020-4House Wren 2020-1Osprey 2020-223Osprey 2020-224Osprey 2020-221Osprey 2020-222Osprey 2020-220 Great Crested Flycatcher 2020-109 Great Crested Flycatcher 2020-110Green Heron 2020-146Green Heron 2020-145Goldfinch 2020-8Snowy Egret 2020-195American Redstart 2020-2

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