Tri Colored Heron at Chesapeake Bay Environmental Center.

Graeme and I went to CBEC early this morning to catch the sunrise and give some photos to the Center for use in their upcoming fundraising auction. We were able to catch Dr. Wink at home and left the framed photos with her.

We got the best look yet at the Tri Colored Heron who’s been hanging around, as well as some good egrets and Ospreys.

I’ve got plenty of CBEC shots to include, as the weather has been OK all week.

CBEC 352

Morning in The Marsh.

Snowy Egret 2020-180

Snowy Egret 2020-179

The Snowy Egrets at CBEC seem to find plenty of food.

Forster;s Tern 2020-148

Forster;s Tern 2020-149

Forster’s Terns are still feeding daily.

Tri Colored Heron 2020-4 Tri Colored Heron 2020-5 Tri Colored Heron 2020-9 Tri Colored Heron 2020-3 Tri Colored Heron 2020-2 Tri Colored Heron 2020-7 Tri Colored Heron 2020-1

Tri Colored Heron 2020-6

This is a relatively rare Tri Colored Heron. They’ve been regular visitors for two or three years.

Great Egret 2020-246

Green Heron 2020-135

A Great Egret flies over the lake.

Osprey 2020-204

Osprey 2020-203

The Osprey chicks are growing fast.


Yellow warbler 2020-1

I found this Yellow Warbler at Greenbury Point.

Caspian Tern 2020-1 Caspian Tern 2020-3

Caspian Tern 2020-2

This Caspian Tern was imitating a Skimmer at Lake Knapp.

Eastern Box Turtle 22 Diamondback Terrapin 14 Diamondback Terrapin 12

Eastern Box Turtle 16

I’ve seen a lot of turtles recently.

Graeme Simpson 34

Graeme, observing from the blind.

Judy Wink 1

Dr. Wink at CBEC.

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