Greater Yellowlegs at Chesapeake Bay Environmental Center.

I’ve been sticking with the CBEC routine for several weeks now, and it’s interesting to watch the cast of characters change as the water level drops and it gets warmer. Some birds have raised this year’s family, and are out searching for new areas to feed in.

Many Sandpipers have appeared, I’ve seen Avocets, Ibises and a single Little Blue Heron. Will a TriColored Heron be next?

A few sunrise photos also turned out well this week.

CBEC 335 CBEC 336 CBEC 337

CBEC 334

Morning in The Marsh.

Starling 2020-2

I think this is a Starling with a nice bug.

Osprey 2020-184 Osprey 2020-166 Osprey 2020-163

Osprey 2020-181

This nest contains two Osprey chicks.

Snowy Egret 2020-168 Snowy Egret 2020-165

Snowy Egret 2020-170

Snowy Egrets near dawn.

Killdeer 2020-8

Killdeer have just begun appearing.

Lesser Yellowlegs 2020-14 Lesser Yellowlegs 2020-18 Lesser Yellowlegs 2020-13 Lesser Yellowlegs 2020-11 Lesser Yellowlegs 2020-11 Lesser Yellowlegs 2020-9

Lesser Yellowlegs 2020-23

Lesser Yellowlegs are feeding in the flats.

Least Sandpiper 2020-6

Least Sandpipers are regulars.


Canvasback 2020-34

20 or more Canada Geese seem to be spending the Summer.


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