Orchard Oriole at Lake Artemesia.

Graeme and I spent some time at Artemesia this morning, then tried a new spot Graeme found not far away. It looks very promising, with marsh, hardwoods  and a meadow. We saw Egrets, Herons, Swallows and Wood Ducks, so  I’ll be heading back soon.

I’m still getting out locally when weather permits, but I’m not finding much interesting yet. It’s been very cool so far, but warmer weather is coming tomorrow.



Chipping Sparrow 2020-5

This Chipping Sparrow was at CBEC.


Eastern Kingbird 2020-5

Eastern Kingbirds are appearing everywhere I go.

Great Blue Heron 2020-5 Great Egret 2020-3 Great Egret 2020-2 Great Egret 2020-1

Great Egret 2020-4

This Great Egret only flew a short distance.

Northern Flicker 2020-5

This Northern Flicker was foraging on the ground.

Wood Duck 2020-11

Wood Duck 2020-12

This Wood Duck mother led her flock into the tall reeds for safewty.

Great Blue Heron 2020-4

A single Great Blue Heron stood motionless.

Song Sparrow 2020-1

This Song Sparrow was singing for a mate.

Orchard Oriole 2020-1

This Orchard Oriole will probably nest at Lake Artemesia.

Tree Swallow 2020-8 Eastern Kingbird 2020-5


Tree Swallow 2020-9

Tree Swallows return to Artemesia every year.

Robin 2020-1

Robin 2020-1

Robin 2020-2

This Robin is taking food to his chicks.

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