Lesser Scaup at Thomas Point.

I’ve been going to Thomas Point and Quiet Waters most days, with looks at Possum Point, Lake Artemesia and Schoolhouse Pond.  No place has been exciting, but I’m seeing a decent variety overall.

Tundra Swans and Canvasbacks are here in good numbers now, and Scoters and Scaup are here as well. Loons and Grebes are lagging. A few Common Goldeneyes are at Thomas Point.

I didn’t make the Eastern Shore yet, but it won’t be long.

Possum Point 163

Dawn at Possum Point.

Bay Bridge 12

Working Whitehall Bay.

Wood Duck 2019-62

“Woodie”, the Thomas Point Wood Duck.

Wood Duck 2019-61

Wood Duck 2019-63

“Woofie” is still loitering with the Mallards at Thomas Point.

Tundra Swan 2019-127 Tundra Swan 2019-126 Tundra Swan 2019-125 Tundra Swan 2019-124 Tundra Swan 2019-123 Tundra Swan 2019-122 Tundra Swan 2019-121 Tundra Swan 2019-120 Tundra Swan 2019-119 Tundra Swan 2019-118 Tundra Swan 2019-117 Tundra Swan 2019-116

Tundra Swan 2019-128

75-80 Tundra Swans are wintering near my friend’s house. They get quite feisty at times.

Canvasback 2019-41

Canvasback 2019-42

This is a pair of Canvasbacks.

Bufflehead 2019-89 Bufflehead 2019-88

Bufflehead 2019-90

Many Buffleheads are feeding at the point.

Ruddy Duck 2019-16

A small flock of Ruddy Ducks is staying near the point.

Redhead 2019-36

Redhead 2019-37

Close up of a Redhead.

Canada Goose 2019-40

The pond at Schoolhouse Pond.

Lesser Scaup 2019-38

Lesser Scaup 2019-39

Most Lesser Scaup are staying well out from shore.


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