Ring Necked Ducks at Lake Artemesia.

It’s been almost a week since I posted anything. Weather accounts for a day or two, and a shortage of birds is to blame for the rest.  I know there have been more birds in previous years, but some variation must be normal

I’ve been staying on this side of the bridge to avoid possible traffic problems with  the current construction. I will get there soon because there’s a lot of good spots to check.

Tundra Swan 2019-114 Tundra Swan 2019-113 Tundra Swan 2019-112 Tundra Swan 2019-111 Tundra Swan 2019-110

Tundra Swan 2019-115

There’s a lot of feisty Swans, so I look for the action shots.

Redhead 2019-34

Red Shouldered Hawk 2019-103

I was lucky to get this close to this Red Shouldered Hawk.

Redhead 2019-34

The Redhead is a very handsome duck.

Redhead 2019-35Red Bellied Woodpecker 2019-4

Red Bellied Woodpecker 2019-5

This red headed Woodpecker has found a breakfast bush.

Lesser Scaup 2019-36

Lesser Scaup 2019-37

This is a female Lesser Scaup.

Canvasback 2019-40

Everyone gets excited at feeding time.

Bufflehead 2019-84

Bufflehead 2019-85

Male Buffleheads have pink feet.

Ring Necked Duck 2019-14 Ring Necked Duck 2019-13 Ring Necked Duck 2019-12

Ring Necked Duck 2019-15

Ring Necked Ducks don’t often pose for flight shots.


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