Wood Duck at Thomas Point.

Things are picking up, but the weather has been iffy  and other activities claimed my time for a while.

I still managed to get out, and I even got to the Eastern Shore, but it was a waste. It’s still too early for some of the ducks.

Quiet Waters is still too quiet, but I suspect that will change soon.

Thomas Point has been the best deal so far. with the most birds and the greatest variety.

South River 21

South River from Quiet Waters.

Tundra Swan 2019-77 Tundra Swan 2019-76 Tundra Swan 2019-75 Tundra Swan 2019-74 Tundra Swan 2019-73 Tundra Swan 2019-72

Tundra Swan 2019-78

Tundra Swans often make vigorous displays.

Bufflehead 2019-60 Bufflehead 2019-59 Bufflehead 2019-58

Tundra Swan 2019-70

There seems to be more Buffleheads than any other species.

Redhead 2019-26

Several Redheads feed near shore.

Northern Shoveler 2019-3

A Northern Shoveler I re-edited.

Mallard 2019-40

Many Mallards are living at Thomas point. There’s a guy in the ‘hood who feeds them every day.

Canvasback 2019-33

Canvasbacks are not here in big numbers yet.

Bald Eagle 2019-22

Bald Eagle 2019-23

A Bald Eagle pair.

Wood Duck 2019-55

Wood Duck 2019-56

This may be the same Wood Duck who hung out at Thomas Point last year.

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