Wood Ducks at Lake Artemesia.

It’s been a long dry spell around here. I suspect migration is a little slow, but one big kink in my favorite spots is the high water. Many wading birds look for shallow water and mudflats, and that’s hard to find around here right now. I can’t put any real blame on climate change, but you gotta’ wonder.

I’ve mostly been to CBEC and Terrapin, with a few trips to Wooton, Governor Bridge and Sandy Point. None are living up to historical norms, but there’s probably some bad luck  also.

Anyway, here’s a few images from the last two weeks. Maybe we’ll have better luck soon.

This is a link to my Ebird checklist: https://ebird.org/view/checklist/S60147634



CBEC in the morning.

Yellow Billed Cuckoo 2019-3

A pair of late season Yellow Billed Cuckoos were foraging at Lake Artemesia.

Pied Billed Grebe 2019-101

Pied Billed Grebe 2019-102

My first Pied Billed Grebe of the season.

Catbird 2019-100

Catbird 2019-101

Catbirds have been numerous lately.

Domestic Goose 2019-4

This Domestic Goose is still hanging around Lake Artemesia.

Caspian Tern 2019-07

Caspian Terns have returned to Sandy Point.

Great Egret 2019-256 Great Egret 2019-255 Great Egret 2019-254 Great Egret 2019-253

Great Egret 2019-257

An early morning Egret at CBEC.

Common Yellowthroat 2019-6

This Common Yellowthroat was migrating through Terrapin.

Solitary Sandpiper 2019-1

Solitary Sandpiper 2019-2

A Solitary Sandpiper was looking for a meal at Wooton’s Landing.

Brown Thrasher 2019-35

This has been a good year for Brown Thrashers.

Black and White Warbler 2019-1

A Black and White Warbler from Artemesia.

Chimney Swift 2019-1

Chimney Swift 2019-2

This is a Chimney Swift. I rarely try to photograph these erratic, fast avian missiles.

Arctic Tern 2019-15

Arctic Tern from my trip to Seal Island.

American Redstart 2019-2

American Redstart from Terrapin.

Wood Duck 2019-32 Wood Duck 2019-31 Wood Duck 2019-30 Wood Duck 2019-29 Wood Duck 2019-28 Wood Duck 2019-27 Wood Duck 2019-26 Wood Duck 2019-25

Wood Duck 2019-33

Several Wood Ducks were cruising the shoreline at Artemesia.

Eastern Box Turtle 15

Eastern Box Turtle 14

I’ve seen a lot of Eastern Box Turtles lately.

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