Black Crowned Night Heron at Kent Narrows.

I drove right past Sandy Point this morning, as there was no visible light on the horizon.

Kent Narrows was the same, but there were a couple of birds fishing who allowed me to get some portraits.

From there I went to CBEC. There was no interesting sunrise color there,  either. but 3 Tricolored Herons flew in while I was there. Many Geese and many Egrets were a nice sight.

I ran into three separate Turkey families, and learned a little more about their behavior.

Wild Turkey 2019-59

Wild Turkey 2019-58

If I were a better photographer, I would have seen the possibilities of the background colors.

Wild Turkey 2019-57 Wild Turkey 2019-56 Wild Turkey 2019-55 Wild Turkey 2019-54 Wild Turkey 2019-53 Wild Turkey 2019-52 Wild Turkey 2019-51 Wild Turkey 2019-50 Wild Turkey 2019-49

Wild Turkey 2019-60

So, Turkeys forage in trees and they like to take dust baths! This is an interesting hobby.

Carolina Chickadee 2019-2

I saw two Chickadees this morning.

Canada Goose 2019-21

These Canada Geese seem to be having a restful morning.

Tricolored Heron 2019-3

Three Tricolored Herons flew in at dawn, and there wasn’t enough light to get a good shot.

Great Blue Heron 2019-24

This Great Blue Heron was fishing at Kent Narrows also.

Black Crowned Night Heron 2019-6

Black Crowned Night Heron 2019-7

I’ve seen this Black Crowned Night Heron at Kent Narrows several times.


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