White Ibis at Bombay Hook NWR.

I left home around 4:30 to get to Bombay Hook near sunrise. There was a light fog most of the way, which makes for a delightful drive. For even more fun, the main road to the refuge has no lane markings, and the road blends right into the fog. I’ve actually written the Delaware Highway Department about this, but never got an answer.

Birds to the left of me… There were many hundreds of birds in Raymond Pool, including all the usual suspects and a White Ibis and a Tricolored Heron. Many Terns were fishing.

I made the loop three or four times, and chatted with a few fellow  photographers. There was good light and  good  action all morning.


Forster's Tern 2019-28 Forster's Tern 2019-26 Forster's Tern 2019-27 Forster's Tern 2019-25 Forster's Tern 2019-24 Forster's Tern 2019-23 Forster's Tern 2019-22 Forster's Tern 2019-21 Forster's Tern 2019-20 Caspian Tern 2019-02 Forster's Tern 2019-19 Forster's Tern 2019-18 Forster's Tern 2019-17 Forster's Tern 2019-16 Forster's Tern 2019-15 Forster's Tern 2019-14

Forster's Tern 2019-29

I always spend too much time trying to get a good Tern shot.

Forster's Tern 2019-20

Wood Duck 2019-21

These are juvenile drake Wood Ducks.

Seagull 2019-2

This Seagull has found a nice fish,.

Glossy Ibis 2019-6

Many GLossy Ibises were feeding alongside the other wading birds.

Laughing Gull 2019-10

Several Laughing Gulls were fishing with the Terns

Great Egret 2019-116 Great Egret 2019-115 Great Egret 2019-114


Great Egret 2019-113

Hundreds of Great Egrets were visible.

American Avocet 2019-103

American Avocets were very active.

Mute Swan 2019-8

Two Mute Swans were slowly paddling about.

Great Blue Heron 2019-108

Many Great Blue Herons were foraging in the area.

Blue Grosbeak 2019-8

A single Blue Grosbeak was singing by the roadside.

American Avocet 2019-102

American Avocets were feeding quickly.

White Ibis 2019-1

This was White Ibis was close enough, but the light was difficult.


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