Tricolored Heron at Chesapeake Bay Environmental Center.

The love affair with CBEC continues. The Tricolored Heron flew in as I was walking nearby, otherwise I might have missed it. Terrible light for a photo, but a rare bird.

Otherwise, it was a usual kind of day with Ospreys learning to fly, Egrets fishing in the lake and Red Headed Woodpeckers loudly calling.

I made a brief stop at Greenbury Point on the way back. I did hear a Yellow Billed Cuckoo, but there wasn’t much else interesting.

Kent Narrows 6

Dawn at Kent Narrows.


Looking across the lake.


Osprey nest at dawn.

Wild Turkey 2019-36

If you arrive at dawn, you may find some Wild Turkeys.

Wild Turkey 2019-35 Wild Turkey 2019-34

Wild Turkey 2019-35

There’s at least two small groups of Wild Turkeys at CBEC.

Great Crested Flycatcher 2019-104

The Great Crested Flycatchers at CBEC have always been hard to photograph.

Song Sparrow 2019-7 Song Sparrow 2019-9

Chipping Sparrow 2019-8

I caught this Chipping Sparrow as he took off.

Osprey 2019-27 Osprey 2019-26 Osprey 2019-23 Osprey 2019-25 Osprey 2019-24

Osprey 2019-28

These first year Ospreys will be flying very soon.

Crow 2019-1

Occasionally, a Crow will pose for you.

Red Headed Woodpecker 2019-21 Red Headed Woodpecker 2019-20 Red Headed Woodpecker 2019-19 Red Headed Woodpecker 2019-18

Red Headed Woodpecker 2019-22

I don’t often see a Red Headed Woodpecker in a live tree.

Red Winged Blackbird 2019-108

This is a female Red Winged Blackbird.

Pine Warbler 2019-1

Pine Warbler 2019-2

I’ve heard there are Pine Warblers at CBEC, but I seldom see them.

Great Egret 2019-10

A few Great Egrets have been visiting.

Tricolored Heron 2019-1

Tricolored Heron 2019-2

Hopefully, this Tricolored Heron will pose in better light next time.

Fox 119

This Fox greeted me at dawn.

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