Eastern Towhee at Chesapeake Bay Environmental Center

Back to the routine. I started at CBEC this morning, and was rewarded with some playful foxes.

I saw many Tree Swallow young in large groups. I found a few other birds, but the bugs were ferocious and drove me out quickly.

Tree Swallow 2019-11

Many young Tree Swallows gathered in the gravel. I’m not sure what that’s bout.

Mallard 2019-27

Mallard 2019-28

This appears to be a young Mallard.

Snowy Egret 2019-101

I saw a single Snowy Egret. There should be more by now.

Osprey 2019-14

The Osprey pair seem to be doing well.


Great Blue Heron 2019-19

A single Great Blue Heron flew by.

Mockingbird 2019-1

This Mockingbird was posing for me.

Eastern Towhee 2019-2 Eastern Towhee 2019-1

Eastern Towhee 2019-3

This male Eastern Towhee was a nice surprise. I haven’t seen many at CBEC.

Western Tiger Swallowtail 104

Eastern Tiger Swallowtail.

Monarch 63

Monarch Butterfly.

Eastern Box Turtle 9

A small Eastern Box Turtle.

Fox 115 Fox 109

Fox 116

One of three Foxes I saw this morning.

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