Brown Thrasher at Bombay Hook NWR.

I had planned to try Bombay Hook yesterday, but it started raining as soon as I left the house, so I postponed. A quick trip to CBEC wasn’t very productive.

Today’s weather was just about perfect, not too hot, just windy enough to hold down the nugs, which can be ferocious at this time of year. Many hundreds of Egrets and Herons were feeding in the shallow water of the pools.

There were also Skimmers, Sandpipers and a few Terns. Another good morning.

Purple Martin 2019-4 Purple Martin 2019-2 Purple Martin 2019-1

Purple Martin 2019-3

I spent some time watching the Purple Martin colony.

Glossy Ibis 2019-3 Glossy Ibis 2019-2

Glossy Ibis 2019-4

About 25 Glossy Ibis were foraging with the Egrets.

Willet 2019-4

Three Willets flew by as I was watching the Ibis.

Marsh Wren 2019-3

Bombay Hook is the only place I regularly see Marsh Wrens.

Greater Yellowlegs 2019-1

This Greater Yellowlegs was on the Boardwalk Trial.

Blue Grosbeak 2019-4

Blue Grosbeak 2019-5

You can often find Blue Grosbeaks near the main road.

Black Crowned Night Heron 2019-3

This Black Crowned Night Heron was fishing peacefully.

Red Winged Blackbird 2019-102

Red Winged Blackbird 2019-103

The Red Winged Blackbird is the most common bird at this time of year.

Brown Thrasher 2019-16

Brown Thrasher 2019-17

I’e seen several Brown Thrashers this year, but they don’t all pose this well.

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