Canada Goose at Terrapin Nature Park.

It’s been a tough few days. We’re right at the start of Spring migration, people are finding warblers, and I’m getting nowhere. Spring birding is about warblers, and they don’t seem to like me.

I’ve been out every day it’s not raining, and I know where to go, but nothing’s working.

I did Terrapin and CBEC this morning, and I’ve been to Artemesia, Wooton, Sands Road, Quiet Waters and Truxtun Park without seeing a single warbler or interesting migrant. Grrr.

Red Winged Blackbird 2019-2

Red Winged Blackbird 2019-3

This red Winged Blackbird serenaded me at Terrapin.

Barn Swallow 2019-4

I was lucky to get even this poor photo of a Barn Swallow at Artemesia.

White Throated Ssparrow 2019-1

White Throated Sparrows are among the last to leave.

Snowy Egret 2019-5

There were only three birds fishing at Terrapin, including these Egrets.

Wood Duck 2019-54

Wood Duck 2019-55

I found this Wood Duck at Artemesia.

Canada Goose 2019-25

Canada Goose 2019-24

These Canada Goslings are only a few days old.

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