Beaver Family at Lake Artemesia.

The weather man was making dire predictions, but I headed for Artemesia anyway, and found decent weather rather than the predicted rain. I read years ago that you could flip a coin and get it right as often as the weather folks.

Wood Ducks made a good showing, as well as geese, but no interesting migrants came along.

I also stopped at Buddy Attick on the way back, but found nothing of note in an hour. That’s unusual for that location.

Wood Duck 2019-52

Wood Duck 2019-53

Several Wood Ducks were foraging near shore.

Barn Swallow 2019-1

Barn Swallow 2019-2

Barn Swallows have begun nest building.

Song Sparrow 2019-8

Song Sparrow 2019-9

This Song Sparrow was singing out loudly.

Cardinal 2019-3

Cardinals could be heard all around the lake.

Cardinal 2019-4 Cardinal 2019-2

Cardinal 2019-2

Mallard 2019-33

The full moon added color to the water, making these Mallards look good.

Canada Goose 2019-23

This Canada Goose also benefited from the reflected colors.


This Deer greeted me early on.

Beaver 161

Beaver 159

I was hoping to get a good look at the Beaver’s tail.

Beaver 154

At least 5 Beavers seemed to be having a family outing.

Beaver 158

This appears to be a family outing of Beavers.

Beaver 157

Beaver 155 Beaver 156

Lake Artemesia 126

I often photograph this Willow tree.


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