Little Blue Heron at Terrapin Nature Park.

I got a late start this morning, and arrived at Terrapin about dawn. I found a White Eyed Vireo right away, but it was slow until I got to the marsh.

The Little Blue Heron was a very nice surprise, as I’ve only seen one other at Terrapin, and that one was a juvenile. There were a few other birds, but the light was poor and they were far away.

CBEC was slow as well I spent some time with the Tree Swallows, but the Wild Turkeys were the star. I don’t see them often, and they’re always fun.

Another good day after a short string of near dismal outings.

Snowy Egret 2019-4

A single Snowy Egret flew over the park.

Tern 2019-1

I’m not sure what Tern this is.

White Eyed Vireo 2019-1

White Eyed Vireo 2019-2

I don’t recall photographing a White Eyed Vireo at Terrapin before.

Osprey 2019-24 Osprey 2019-23 Osprey 2019-22 Osprey 2019-21

Osprey 2019-25

The Osprey are still building their nest.

Brown Thrasher 2019-1

Brown Thrasher 2019-2

This Brown Thrasher was close, but badly backlit.

Canada Goose 2019-22

This Canada Goose was relaxing at CBEC.

Wild Turkey 2019-1

5 Wild Turkeys were sauntering down the entrance road.

Bald Eagle 2019-21

Two Bald Eagles flew over the marsh.

Little Blue Heron 2019-5

Little Blue Heron 2019-3 Little Blue Heron 2019-2 Little Blue Heron 2019-1

Little Blue Heron 2019-4

When I first saw this Little Blue Heron, I thought it was a Green Heron.


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