Tundra Swan at Thomas Point.

I got a late start at Quiet Waters this morning. I’ve been checking for Loons, Ospreys, or Grebes, which should be here by now, but no luck so far. One pair of Wood Ducks posed for a while.

There’s not much visible at the point; a few Scaup, too far out for photos.

The coves paid off. Many Mallards, a few Buffleheads and a flock of Tundra Swans salvaged the morning.

Lesser Scaup 2019-23

A few Scaup were in the area.

Wood Duck 2019-22

This is probably the same Wood Duck that’s been hanging out for months now.

Tundra Swan 2019-34 Tundra Swan 2019-32 Tundra Swan 2019-31

Tundra Swan 2019-33

The Tundra Swans were very active.

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