American Wigeon at Thomas Point.

The weatherman was calling for rain today, so I slept in late. Imagine my surprise to see a slightly cloudy day, rapidly becoming sunny.

I went to Possum Point first, in hopes of finding some interesting birds, but I had little luck. There were a few birds, but nothing exciting.

I went to Thomas Point next, which was better, but it’s still the same old birds. Good light gave me a few good pics.

I finished up at Quiet Waters, which was nearly barren. There’s still a lot of ice in the river, so it may be few days before the ducks show up.

I don’t often see Foxes in mid-morning.

I heard this Carolina Chickadee long before I saw him.


This Redhead is hanging out with the Canvasbacks.

Many Tundra Swans were hanging out, apparently loafing.

I was surprised to find a single American Wigeon flying right at me.

Canvasback hen, close up.

A few Scaup were mixed in with the Canvasbacks.

A few Buffleheads were swimming nearby.

This Wood Duck is hanging out in the cove.

A few Black Ducks were in the area.

Quiet Waters cove.


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