Ruddy Duck at Kent Narrows.

Yesterday I made the trip to Blackwater, and it was disappointing.  All the water along Wildlife Drive was frozen, so there weren’t any ducks or other wading birds, which is a big deal at Blackwater. I decided to try Hooper’s Island after that, which was also a waste of time. I made a brief stop at Thomas Point as well.

Today I started at Possum Point, which didn’t look promising, so I went to Sandy Point, where I got some good dawn shots.

Kent Narrows was next, and I did very well there. Lots of good birds in good light.

Sandy Point 535

Sandy Point 536

Dawen at Sandy Point.

Great Blue Heron 2019-11

Great Blue Heron 2019-12

Several Great Blue Herons were foraging in the area.

Long Tailed Duck 2019-26 Long Tailed Duck 2019-24

Long Tailed Duck 2019-27

I don’t often see so many Long Tailed Ducks.

Common Goldeneye 2019-14

Common Goldeneye 2019-13

This Common Goldeneye seemed to be by itself.

Tundra Swan 2019-21

I found these Tundra Swans at Thomas Point.

Mallard 2019-15

A Mallard hen takes flight.

Bald Eagle 2019-8

Bald Eagle 2019-9

I was fairly close to this Bald Eagle when he took off.

Ruddy Duck 2019-9 Ruddy Duck 2019-7

Ruddy Duck 2019-8

The water around this Ruddy Dick was illuminated by the morning sun.

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