Redhead at Thomas Point.

I had planned to try Possum Point this morning. but it was way cold and windy when I awoke, so I decided to try Thomas Point instead.

It really wasn’t particularly good today. Plenty of birds, but they were back to being distant again, so I didn’t get much.

My friend’s house was much better. There were many birds of many species, and they were very active.

Canada Goose 2019-3

There’s usually a few Canada Geese in the area.

Canvasback 2019-11 Canvasback 2019-10

Canvasback 2019-8 Canvasback 2019-7 Canvasback 2019-6


Canvasback 2019-12

Many of the Canvasbacks were moving around the area.

Tundra Swan 2019-5 Tundra Swan 2019-4


Tundra Swan 2019-6

20-30 Tundra Swans were hanging out near the dock.

Lesser Scaup 2019-2


Lesser Scaup 2019-3

A few Lesser Scaup were also in the area.

Ruddy Duck 2019-2

A few Ruddy Ducks were sleeping nearby.

Redhead 2019-4

Redheads can be hard to find in a big flock of Canvasbacks.

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