Long Tailed Duck at Thomas Point.

I tried Quiet Waters this morning just for a change of pace. I’ve had good luck there in years past, but today was a bust.

I went straight to Thomas Point, and it was about the same, but some birds were in much closer and I got some decent images.

I finished up at my friend’s house on Thomas Point Road, where many birds hang out in hopes of getting fed by the locals.

Happy New Year!

Thomas Point 20

The lighthouse at Thomas Point.

Canvasback 2018-39

Canvasback 2018-40

Female Canvasbacks aren’t as showy, but they have their own beauty.

Lesser Scaup 2018-46

You need good light to get the most from a Scaup.

Redhead 2018-13

If you look carefully through the flocks of Canvasbacks, you may find a Redhead.

Tundra Swan 2018-58

There’s always a few Tundra Swans at my friend’s house.

Long Tailed Duck 2018-26

Long Tailed Duck 2018-27

Several Long Tailed Ducks were near the point.

Surf Scoter 2018-10

Many Surf Scoters were feeding at the point.

Common Goldeneye 2018-23

This Common Goldeneye was qiuite close to shore, and I got her as she scurried away.

Bufflehead 2018-95

Bufflehead 2018-94

Bufflehead 2018-93

It’s fun to watch Buffleheads search for a meal.

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