Redhead at Thomas Point.

The Possum Point sunrise was a disappointment again, so I started at Quiet Waters this morning. I looked around for about an hour, but there’s just not much happening there yet,

Thomas Point was about the same as previously; plenty of birds too far away for good images.

I stopped at my friend’s house on Thomas Point Road and got the best images of the day.

Wood Duck 2018-67

This Wood Duck is still hanging out with his Mallard pals.

Bufflehead 2018-89

A few Buffleheads were close enough for pictures.

Canvasback 2018-33

Canvasback 2018-34

Several Canvasbacks had ventured out close to the point.

Lesser Scaup 2018-44

Scaup can be very attractive in the right light.

Tundra Swan 2018-52

Tundra Swan 2018-53

The Tundra Swans were very active today.

Long Tailed Duck 2018-25

A pair of Long Tailed Ducks is staying near the point.

Cardinal 2018-21

Several Cardinals were foraging near the point.

Mallard 2018-58

Many Mallards have been feeding in the shallows.

Redhead 2018-11

I frequently find Redheads mixed in with Canvasbacks.

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