River Otter at Schoolhouse Pond.

I checked out the sunrise at Sandy Point and Possum Point this morning, and it was another gray dawn. I pondered for a few minutes, then decided to give Schoolhouse Pond a try. It’s often productive at this time of year.

Visibility was pretty poor, but I could see hundreds of Canada Geese, many Mallards and seagulls. but not much else. As the sun rose I was able to see a few Hooded Mergansers.

I walked around a while, and was thinking about leaving when I saw a disturbance in the water which turned out to be a River Otter. 

I followed him around the pond for 45 minutes or so and managed to get a few close ups in the poor light, which made the trip worthwhile.

Canada Geese often spend the night on the water and head out early to feed the next day.
A few Hooded Mergansers were visible in the distance.

I see a lot of Ring Billed Gulls, but I don’t see them fishing very often.

A bit too distant, but my Otter friend scored a nice catfish early on.
I seldom get this close to a River Otter.
I don’t often get this close to a River Otter.

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