Fox Sparrow at Patuxent NWR.

Graeme has a very nice exhibit in place at Patuxent NWR, so I met him there early this morning and we went looking for birds before the Visitor Center opened at 9:00.

We spent a couple of hours walking in the soggy woods, but we didn’t have much luck until we were almost back at the Center.

There were quite a few Sparrows around, but they spook easily and we didn’t get many opportunities to get decent images. A Chipmunk crossed our path, and a Fox Sparrow paused long enough for a decent picture.

We spent an hour in the Visitor Center looking at his exhibit and the other displays, which I confess I hadn’t visited before. They are excellent and very professional.

Goose Pond 3

Goose Pond can be very attractive in the Fall.

Blue Jay 2018-4 Blue Jay 2018-3

Blue Jay 2018-5

There were several Blue Jays in the area.


Eastern Bluebird 2018-12

A pair of Eastern Bluebirds were foraging near the marsh.

Chickadee 2018-7

Chickadee 2018-8

A single Chickadee was searching for breakfast.

Fox Sparrow 2018-1

Fox Sparrow 2018-2

This is the first Fox Sparrow I’ve seen all year.

Song Sparrow 2018-24

We saw several Song Sparrows.

Graeme Simpson 26 Graeme Simpson 24

Graeme Simpson 25

Graeme, standing in front of the exhibit.


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