Buffleheads at Lake Artemesia.

I met Graeme at Lake Artemesia this morning, and we circled the lake several times in hopes of finding a few good birds.

We can’t really complain, as I got a couple of first of season birds, and the weather was quite good for November.

There could have been more variety, but the light was perfect, the weather was excellent and we nearly had the place to ourselves.

Lake Artemesia.

Graeme Simpson contemplates the next shot.

I found this Cardinal yesterday at Quiet Waters.

Several White Throated Sparrows were forging near Indian Creek.

A single Pied Billed Grebe was swimming in the lake.

Starling 2018-1

Starlings can be very attractive in the right light.


This juvenile Bald Eagle circled the lake for several minutes.

We saw only a few Mallards.

A large flock of Canada Geese spent the night at the lake.

Bufflehead 2018-46 Bufflehead 2018-45 Bufflehead 2018-44

Two flocks of Buffleheads were hanging out near shore.

A few Ring Necked Ducks were foraging near the Buffleheads.


A single Great Blue Heron was fishing.


This Belted Kingfisher was fishing yesterday at Quiet Waters.

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