Northern Shoveler at Bombay Hook NWR.

We had a couple of days of rain, so It was good to be able to get out again.

I’ve hard of some nice bird at Bombay Hook, so I left Annapolis around 5:00 AM and got to Bombay Hook at 6:30. There’s very little traffic at that hour.

The morning was quite sunny, but the resident birds were staying well out in the marsh and it was tough to get good images.

Most of the ducks (Shovelers, Pintails, Teal, Mallards) were young or females. I suppose that’s standard for Fall migration. There were very few Sandpipers, which is probably because the water was quite high.

Hopefully, there’ll be more variety soon.

Bombay Hook 19

A lake at Bombay Hook.

Northern Pintail 2018-21

Northern Pintail 2018-20

Northern Pintails were in every pool.

Turkey Vulture 2018-3

This Turkey Vulture seemed to be drying his wings.

Greater Yellowlegs 2018-23

Greater Yellowlegs 2018-24

I found only one Greater Yellowlegs.

Bald Eagle 2018-79

Bald Eagle 2018-80

This Bald Eagle is probably in his first year.

White Crowned Sparrow 2018-5

Many juvenile White Crowned Sparrows were in the field across from the visitor center.

Great Egret 2018-103

Only a few Great Egrets are still hanging around.

Black Duck 2018-8

Black Ducks seem to favor Bombay Hook.

American Avocet 2018-26

Most of the American Avocets were too far away for photos.

Mallard 2018-43

Many Mallards were feeding in the marsh.

Northern Shoveler 2018-23

Northern Shoveler 2018-22 Northern Shoveler 2018-24

Most of the Northern Shovelers were females or juveniles. 


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