This statement was censored by Facebook.

I posted the statement below i response to an “All news is fake news” post, and FB says: “This comment goes against our Community Standards on hate speech.” That is wayyyyy overboard.

What do you think?

“The news is just fine-better than ever, in fact because it’s so much easier to fact-check. I notice that you “Fake News” folks never post any verifiable such news from legitimate sources. Could it be because IT DOESN’T EXIST? Any mainstream source that published false or misleading news would be out of business in a hurry, unless it had a loyal audience of uneducated, brain-dead white trash. Third party votes are stupid. In most cases they are wasted votes.”

2 thoughts on “This statement was censored by Facebook.

  1. it means your comment was reported by someone that as hate speech – I doubt for one minute that any actual person read it. You can appeal that stupid result, but apparently some folks have learned that you say things that are “mean” to them. They hold some power in that way. Lying to fb about your posts is one way they can make their hands feel bigger.

    I’m sorry they felt the need to act in such filthy ways. Your comment was not complimentary towards them, but certainly not hate speech.

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