Tri-colored Heron at Sandy Point.

The weather has been unsettled for the last several days. You never know if it’s going to pour rain or blaze sunshine, and it can change in just a few minutes.

I’ve been hanging out at Sandy Point, because it’s nearby and I don’t have to go far from the car if I need shelter. There’s always a chance of finding stray birds there, as well, and I’ve found a few.

Today’s Tri-colored Heron was a treat, tagged as “Rare” by Ebird, along with a few nice Terns and plenty of the usual gulls.

Crow 2018-5

There’s always plenty of Crows at Sandy Point.

Royal Tern 2018-7

Royal Tern 2018-5 Royal Tern 2018-4 Royal Tern 2018-3 Royal Tern 2018-2 Royal Tern 2018-1

Royal Tern 2018-6

4-5 Royal Terns were hanging out on the beach today.

Laughing Gull 2018-7

Laughing Gull 2018-8

Laughing Gulls and others seem to like bathing in the puddles on the beach.

Forster's Tern 2018-99

I don’t often see Common Terns.

Black Vulture 2018-1

I couldn’t pass up this Black Vulture.

Osprey 2018-50

Osprey 2018-51

Several Ospreys are fishing at the park.

Tri-colored Heron 2018-4 Tri-colored Heron 2018-3

Tri-colored Heron 2018-2

I’ve seen two Tri-colored Herons this year, and I don’t see any at all most years.

Fox 108

Fox 1099

I spotted this Fox as I was waiting for the sunrise.

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