Short Billed Dowitcher at Bombay Hook.

It’s still the slowest time of year, and I’m not having much luck, so I braved the bugs at Bombay Hook this morning. They actually weren’t too bad. I’m sure the bug spray helped, but I’ve seen more bugs in other places.

It was really quite birdy this morning. I found some Glossy Ibis, but they were too far off. The Skimmers were more cooperative, and my Willet was still hanging out in Bear Swamp Pool. There were hundreds of Egrets and Herons, but not as many Sandpipers as I expected. No Eagles at all, which is surprising.

A very good morning indeed.

Bombay Hook 8

Bombay Hook 9

Sunrise at Bombay Hook.

Great Egret 2018-33 Great Egret 2018-32 Great Egret 2018-31

Great Egret 2018-34

I saw well over a hundred Great Egrets.

Eastern Kingbird 2018-14

Several Eastern Kingbirds were flycatching along the roadside.

Black Skimmer 2018-29 Black Skimmer 2018-28 Black Skimmer 2018-27

Black Skimmer 2018-30

Black Skimmers showed up early.

Forster's Tern 2018-4 Forster's Tern 2018-5 Forster's Tern 2018-3 Forster's Tern 2018-2 Forster's Tern 2018-1

Forster's Tern 2018-6

Many Forster’s Terns were fishing in the pools.

Great Blue Heron 2018-28

Dozens of Great Blue Herons were scattered through all the pools.

Greater Yellowlegs 2018-4

I think this is a Greater Yellowlegs.


Willet 2018-5

This may be the same single Willet I saw a few weeks ago.

Blue Grosbeak 2018-3

I often see Blue Grosbeaks at the road’s edge.

Goldfinch 2018-8

It’s easy to find Goldfinches by the side of the road.

Wood Duck 2018-47

This juvenile Wood Duck was at Lake Artemesia a couple of days ago.

Mallard 2018-31

I thought these were nice looking Mallards.

Short Billed Dowitcher 2018-1

Short Billed Dowitcher 2018-2

Theses Short Billed Dowitchers were just barely in range.

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