Tree Swallows at Chesapeake Bay Environmental Center.

I started at Sandy Point this morning, hoping for a decent sunrise, but it was not to be.

I was at Terrapin right after dawn, and it was almost deserted. A lone Osprey and a couple of Egrets were all that was on offer. A lone Wood Duck hen made brief appearance.

CBEC was next, and the usual Tree Swallow flock was present and very active. I managed a few good shots.

Another single Osprey allowed a few good looks. I made another stop at Sandy point on the way home, but even the gulls were scarce.

Osprey 2018-26 Osprey 2018-27 Osprey 2018-28 Osprey 2018-25 Osprey 2018-24

Osprey 2018-29

I found this early morning Osprey at Terrapin.

Barn Swallow 2018-9

The CBEC Barn Swallows nest under the blind.

Barn Swallow 2018-10

Tree Swallow 2018-36 Tree Swallow 2018-37 Tree Swallow 2018-35 Tree Swallow 2018-34 Tree Swallow 2018-33 Tree Swallow 2018-31 Tree Swallow 2018-32 Tree Swallow 2018-30 Tree Swallow 2018-29 Tree Swallow 2018-28 Tree Swallow 2018-27 Tree Swallow 2018-26 Tree Swallow 2018-25

Tree Swallow 2018-38

If you spend enough time, you can get a few good flight shots of the elusive Tree Swallow.

Wood Duck 2018-42

This lone Wood Duck didn’t stay long.

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