Black Skimmer at Bombay Hook NWR.

Back to Bombay Hook because that’s where the birds are. I’ve been checking my local spots with very little luck, so it’s worth the trip to get a chance at some good birds.

There were more egrets and herons than last time, but fewer eagles. The second pool was virtually empty, and Bear Swamp Pool had the most action. I kept a close eye on the vegetation bordering the road and found a couple of good birds that way.

The Skimmers were the highlight. They’re so spectacular as they fly within inches of water, and I was lucky enough to be in a spot they flew quite close to.  A nearly tame Fox added to the mix.

Purple Martin 2018-23 Purple Martin 2018-22 Purple Martin 2018-21

Purple Martin 2018-24

There’s a large Purple Martin colony at Bombay Hook.

Common Yellowthroat 2018-4

Common Yellowthroat 2018-5

If you watch the shrubs near the road carefully you’ll find birds like this Common Yellowthroat.

Great Egret 2018-22 Great Egret 2018-21 Great Egret 2018-20 Great Egret 2018-19

Great Egret 2018-23

There were many Great Egrets in the marsh today.

Black Necked Stilt 2018-14

Black Necked Stilt 2018-15

I found only a few Black Necked Stilts today.

Yellow Warbler 2018-4

This Yellow Warbler was a surprise.

Goldfinch 2018-5

Goldfinch 2018-6

There are many Goldfinches at Bombay Hook.

Blue Grosbeak 2018-2

This is a female Blue Grosbeak.

Willet 2018-4

I believe this a Willet.

Eastern Kingbird 2018-12

Several Eastern Kingbirds were flycatching along the roadside.

Wood Duck 2018-40 Wood Duck 2018-39 Wood Duck 2018-38 Wood Duck 2018-37

Wood Duck 2018-41

These may be first year Wood Ducks.

American Avocet 2018-10

I found only two American Avocets today.

Black Skimmer 2018-24 Black Skimmer 2018-23 Black Skimmer 2018-22

Black Skimmer 2018-25

It’s fun to watch these fast Black Skimmers slice through the water looking for fish.

Fox 88

Some Foxes seem to be nearly tame.

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