Mute Swan at Bombay Hook NWR.

It’s that time of year when birds are getting scarce, so I took a chance on Bombay Hook this morning. The bugs were held down by a relatively low temperature and just enough breeze.  It was the right place to be to find birds, also.

The pools were actually relatively sparsely populated, but there were enough birds in close to get a few decent pics. A snapping turtle and a leopard frog helped out also.

Now, if they’d just move Bombay Hook closer to Annapolis.

Purple Martin 2018-15 Purple Martin 2018-14 Purple Martin 2018-13 Purple Martin 2018-12

Purple Martin 2018-16

There is a large Purple Martin colony at Bombay Hook.

Black Necked Stilt 2018-12 Black Necked Stilt 2018-11

Black Necked Stilt 2018-13

I found only a few Black Necked Stilts this morning.

Bald Eagle 2018-44

This Bald Eagle was enjoying a sunny morning high in a tree.

American Avocet 2018-9

A flock of American Avocets was foraging in the marsh.

Tree Swallow 2018-24

Many Tree Swallows nest at Bombay Hook.

Barn Swallow 2018-6

I found this Barn Swallow on the boardwalk trail.

Catbird 2018-2

I found this Catbird on the marsh boardwalk.

Least Sandpiper 2018-8

Least Sandpipers were not as numerous as last week.

Least Sandpiper 2018-7

Least Sandpiper 2018-8

Least Sandpipers were not as numerous as last week.

Eastern Kingbird 2018-9

Eastern Kingbird 2018-10

Several Eastern Kingbirds were feeding in the high grass near the road.

Red Winged Blackbird 2018-16Red Winged Blackbird 2018-15

Wood Duck 2018-36

I saw two Wood Ducks this morning.

Orchard Oriole 2018-8Great Egret 2018-16Great Egret 2018-15Great Egret 2018-14Great Egret 2018-13

Great Egret 2018-17

This Great Egret stayed in one place for quite a while.

Goldfinch 2018-3

Many Goldfinches feed along the roadside.

Black Skimmer 2018-19 Black Skimmer 2018-18 Black Skimmer 2018-17 Black Skimmer 2018-16 Black Skimmer 2018-15

Black Skimmer 2018-20

Only a few Black Skimmers were present this morning.

Bald Eagle 2018-43

Snowy Egret 2018-4

The Snowy Egrets stayed quite distant.

Mute Swan 2018-6

A single Mute Swan was cruising in the marsh.

Snapping Turtle 34

I found two Snapping Turtles crossing the road.

Frog 16

This Leopard Frog was quite cooperativve.

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