Eastern Towhee at Lake Artemesia.

Yesterday I checked out Terrapin and CBEC, which was a total waste of time. I know it’s still a bit early in migration, but I thought I’d at least see a few birds.

I did see a couple of Fox kits, but no interesting birds.

Today was better. Artemesia almost always pays off, and I went to the butterfly exhibit at Brookside Gardens. I’m not at all fond of navigating city traffic, even for such a nice show, and I won’t do it again anytime soon.

Brookside 1

A view of Brookside Gardens.

Tree Swallow 2018-14

Tree Swallows are easy to find at Artemesia.

Eastern Towhee 2018-1

Eastern Towhee 2018-2

This Eastern Towhee was quite near, but hidden by the grass for a while.

Cardinal 2018-7

Another nice looking Cardinal.

Wood Duck 2018-25

Wood Duck 2018-26

This Wood Duck was hanging out near the nest box.

Caspian Tern 2018-8


Caspian Tern 2018-7

Four Caspian Terns were cruising the lake.

Brown Clipper 1 Butterfly 1 Butterfly 2 Butterfly 3 Butterfly 5 Butterfly 6 Butterfly 7 Butterfly 9 Butterfly 10 Butterfly 11 Butterfly 12 Butterfly 13

Brookside 1

A view of Brookside Gardens.


I don’t have the names for all these butterflies.






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