Red Breasted Merganser at Hooper’s Island.

After 4 days of rain and fog, I was eager to get out. There was another report of as Snowy Owl at Hooper’s Island, so I went back to take a look. My bad luck continued.  I did find a nice Merganser to make the trip worthwhile.


Drive was a little barren with many fewer Snow Geese, but an increase in Tundra Swans. There were very few ducks, no terns and no sandpipers.

The eagles weren’t terribly active either. 

This Dark Eyed Junco was part of a flock at Quiet Waters.

An Eastern Bluebird.

I usually pass up Mourning Doves.

Only a few Northern Shovelers were present.

A lone Great Blue Heron was passing by.

Many Ruddy Ducks were resting at Quiet Waters.

I found this Horned Grebe at Quiet Waters.

I don’t see sitting Black Backed Gulls often.

Turkey Vultures often dry their wings like this.

Many Tundra Swans were resting in the marsh.

This Snow Goose stayed in one spot all the while I was there. It may be injured.

Red Winged Blackbirds were very numerous.

This American Wigeon was at Oakley Street.

A Lesser Scaup at Oakley Street.

This Mallard was stretching his wings.


This Red Breasted Merganser was fishing at the Hooper’s Island Bridge.

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