Hooded Mergansers At Blackwater NWR.

I was hoping to get some super  moon shots at Blackwater this morning, but it was too cloudy.

There was a lot of ice in the marshes, so the ducks weren’t as abundant as usual, and I had to settle for Geese and Eagles.

I stopped by Oakley for some sitting ducks, so the trip wasn’t a total bust.

Blackwater Dawn 44

Blackwater Dawn.

American Wigeon 2018-2

American Wigeon 2018-3

This female American Wigeon was at Oakley Street.

Snow Goose 2018-13

There were hundreds of Snow Geese, but fewer than usual.

Lesser Scaup 2018-21

A Lesser Scaup.

Redhead 2018-5

There were only a few Redheads.

Canvasback 2018-16

This Canvasback hen was having a snooze.

Bald Eagle 2018-7

Bald Eagle 2018-6

You can usually find a Bald Eagle perched on Wildlife Drive.


Great Blue Heron 2018-6

Several Great Blue Herons were perched along the ice.

Hooded Merganser 2018-18

Hooded Mergansers don’t always stay long enough for a picture.


2 thoughts on “Hooded Mergansers At Blackwater NWR.

  1. Nice pics! Love the eagle, and of course, wigeons! And the GBHE pose 😊
    I had same moon-into-the-clouds issue at South River Overlook. Sigh.

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