Hooded Merganser at Thomas Point.

I spent an hour or so at Sandy Point yesterday, and about the same at Thomas Point this morning.

It’s really cold-in the twenties, and there’s enough wind to feel the effects. It’s amazing to watch these delicate-looking birds  blithely dabble and dive in the near freezing water.

There were lots and lots of birds, but mostly too far out for good images. Try as I might, I could only find the usual suspects, but I’ll keep looking.

Cupcake 1

And a picture of Cupcake, because it’s my blog and I can put up whatever I want.

Ruddy Duck 2017-16

I found this Ruddy Duck at Sandy Point.

Common Goldeneye 2017-41

Several Common Goldeneye hens were at Thomas Point.

Lesser Scaup 2017-36

Lesser Scaup 2017-35

There were more Scaup than any other species.

Song Sparrow 2017-12

Song Sparrow 2017-13

This Song Sparrow was on the beach at Sandy Point.

Lesser Scaup 2017-34

Many Scaup were feeding at the point.

Bufflehead 2017-70

Bufflehead 2017-71

There were many more Bufflehead hens than drakes.

Red Breasted Merganser 2017-37

I found only a few Hooded mergansers.


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