Mute Swan at Lake Artemesia.

It was really cold this morning (21), so I wore my ski pants and carried my gloves. I’m not as indifferent to cold as I used to be.

Cold brings the ducks, however, and a  juvenile Mute Swan. A very surprising, very late Osprey was a treat as well.

Lake Artemesia 93

Lake Artemesia.

Ring Necked Duck 2017-14

Ring Necked Duck 2017-13

A large flock of Ring-necked Ducks was cruising the lake.

Osprey 2017-107

Prior to this, the latest I’ve seen Ospreys was October 31.

Robin 2017-7

This Robin seemed to be enjoying the sunshine.

Mute Swan 2017-3 Mute Swan 2017-2

Mute Swan 2017-4

This is the first time I’ve seen a Mute Swan at Artemesia.


This young buck let me get very close, and even ignored a nearby dog.

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