American Robin at Ellen O. Moyer Park.

I started this morning at Truxtun Park, where the water was so high the bridge was partly submerged. Good light and a few good birds.

Ellen O. Moyer Park is a small park at 7228 Edgewood Road in Annapolis. I’ve been there several times in the last few years without finding much, but I gave it another shot this morning. The flooding was so bad downtown that traffic out of town was backed up everywhere, so it made sense to stay local.

This park has a tall wooded hill and a good waterfront vista, so I’ll keep trying.

Moyer 1

West entrance to the park.

Cardinal 2017-18

Cardinals always look good in evergreens.

Great Blue Heron 2017-117 Great Blue Heron 2017-115 Great Blue Heron 2017-114


Great Blue Heron 2017-116

Great Blue Herons have been very active at Truxtun recently.

Double Crested Cormorant 2017-110 Double Crested Cormorant 2017-109

Double Crested Cormorant 2017-111

The water was very high at Truxtun, and this Double Crested Cormorant was almost at the end of the creek.

Red Tailed Hawk 2017-5

Red Tailed Hawk 2017-6

I’ve seen a lot of hawks at Truxtun, but they don’t always pose as well.

Robin 2017-5 Robin 2017-4 Robin 2017-3

Robin 2017-6

This Robin was thoroughly enjoying his bath.

Mallard 2017-42

Mallard 2017-43

If you didn’t know, a Mallard’s feet are orange.

Squirrel 12

This Squirrel was eating well at Ellen O. Moyer park.

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