Praying Mantis at Quiet Waters..

I went to Lake Artemesia this weekend,  and my big lens crapped out, so it’s in the shop for a few days. I’ve been running around looking at bugs and nearby birds, but not finding a whole lot.

I should be back in action in a few days.

Northern Parula 2017-1

I haven’t seen many Northern Parulas this year.

Wood Duck 2017-94

Wood Duck 2017-93

I found a few Wood Ducks at Lake Artemesia.

Red Bellied Woodpecker 2017-4

This Red Bellied Woodpecker was at Sandy Point.

Caspian Tern 2017-54

This Caspian Tern was resting at Sandy Point.

Praying Mantis 53 Praying Mantis 52

Praying Mantis 54

This Praying Mantis is making a meal of an insect leg.

Praying Mantis 55 Praying Mantis 51 Linda 3

Linda 2

Linda and I were admiring this Praying Mantis, and she agreed to pose with him.

Red Admiral 7

Partridge Bug 8

Today’s bugs.

Black Squirrel 2

I needed a little more shutter speed to capture this Black Squirrel.


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